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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

cobalt blue

J. Campbell shirt, Carrera aviator sunglasses, amethyst bracelet, mens fashion blog
J. Campbell shirt, cobalt blue Dockers, Grenson grey suede wingtip shoes, bracelet, mens fashion blog
J. Campbell shirt, cobalt blue Dockers, bracelet, mens fashion blog
cobalt blue Dockers, Grenson grey suede wingtip shoes, mens fashion blog
J. Campbell shirt, cobalt blue Dockers, Grenson shoes, bracelet,  mens fashion blog
J. Campbell shirt, cobalt blue Dockers, amethyst bracelet, mens fashion blog
Shirt: J. Campbell (old, from Last Call). Pants: Dockers. Shoes: Grenson (cool selection here). Sunglasses: Carrera (in tortoise here). Bracelet: I got in the Caribbean (love this one). Photography: Kendelle Tekstar.

I love the fun print of this shirt and the energetic feel of cobalt blue

Sunday, July 27, 2014

airport chic

NYC, summer, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton Sirius luggage, Vogue, Gevril, croc, at DFW international airport
                Shoes: Jimmy Choo

NYC for the rest of the summer!  Get ready for some urban influence on the blog

Thursday, July 17, 2014


. . . my favorite sights, shops, outfits and more
architecture, balconies, domed roofs, Paris, France
coffee, espresso, Paris, France
obnoxious American tourist, in Paris, France - Statue of Liberty, LV tee - neon pink windbreaker - vintage round sunglasses
being the obnoxious American tourist
magasin, shopping in Paris, France
this store - Le Bon Marché
shopping in Paris, France - bronze name plate
architecture, black and gold gate
Champs-Elysées Paris, France - LV
the Louis Vuitton flagship
Champs-Elysées Paris, France - red uniforms, marching band
random street paradesAbercrombie and Fitch Paris, France - Champs-Elysées, black and gold
chocolate cake, raspberry tart, coffee ice cream, creme brulee - Paris food
the food
shopping in Paris, France - beautiful architecture, stained glass dome ceiling
department stores that look like this
shopping in Paris, France - black tee with studded neckline hanging on black wooden hangers
black and grey outfit consisting of Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, Denham, Bocage, and Gevril
see this outfit "très chic" again (here)burnt orange alligator/croc and black and grey python lace up men's dress shoes at Le Bon Marche in Paris, France
night photography Paris, France
Champs-Elysées Paris, France - macarons
macron flavors, nom
architecture, beautiful, empty street
sunrise - Hotel Maison FL in Paris, France - rue de la tour
waking up to this view
Hotel Maison FL in Paris, France - bathroom and turtle named Charlie
rooftops and pane windows
the architecture
selfie on Champs-Elysées Paris, France
monument selfies
Champs-Elysées Paris, France
Just a few things I brought back . . .
Denham black jeans, Bocage black perforated leather lace ups, Bocage tan mid-rise sneakers, pink vintage windbreaker, "PARIS" hat, skull chain
Jeans: Denham, men / women.  Lace-ups: Bocage, similar men.  Sneakers: Bocage.  Pink vintage windbreaker.  PARIS hat.  Skull head chain.

Saks sale

Final Sale up to 70% off

Here's what's on my wish list:

Monday, July 14, 2014

Paris - Dallas - Monaco

Chanel show Paris-Dallas 2014 Metier D'Art Monaco, Monte-Carlo, happy Bastille Day

A few pieces from the Paris - Dallas 2014 Métiers D'Art show were on display at the Chanel store in Monaco.  Visit the Chanel website to watch the full show online, view/shop the collection, and watch a 20 minute film on Coco Chanel.

Happy Bastille Day - "Joyeux Le Quatorze Juillet"